Thursday, August 6, 2009


EUROPE 2008, May 18 to June 27.
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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ireland 2009 Map of the Tour.

Ireland 2009 Map of the Tour.

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JUNE 07, 2009. DAY 01.
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JUNE 18, 2009, DAY 12.
JUNE 19, 2009, DAY 13.


Ireland 2009 Group Photo.

A great bunch of tourists!!!
Group photo by TOM.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


To keep us entertained, Leader Pat would have contests while we were on the bus. One day we had a Limerick contest. We all voted Marcia's Limerick as the best. Here are the 15 entries received in alphabetical order following Marcia's two entries. Thanks be to Gail for transcribing them for us.

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Marcia's Limerick, voted best by popular vote by all of us who were awake on the bus. Thank you Gail for the fancy calligraphy. The rest of the Limericks were reproduced by me pushing all the right buttons (most of the time).

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June 19, 2009: PORTRUSH to DUBLIN.

Today, our last travel day, we drive from Portrush & return to Dublin. Being our longest drive of this trip, we have limited time to stop. We stopped in Belfast for lunch & to see the sites. Later, we stopped at the old monastic site, Monasterboice to see some more old relics from Irelands long ago past.

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June 19, 2009 Map

June 19, 2009, Map.

Our longest & last day on the bus.

June 19, 2009: Belfast.

Our first "photo op" in Belfast.
The Queen's University Student Union building to make a "Pit Stop".
I hope the Queen doesn't mind if we use her "Loo"!


Like Derry, the city of Belfast had it's share of political unrest during the 60's & 70's. We toured the Catholic & Protestant areas, which are still divided by a wall with large metal gates. In these areas we saw various murals & monuments dedicated to this struggle.

Belfast brick row houses.

Belfast in the rain.
Glen, John, Marcia & Jo Ann.

Sinn Fein office.

The Belfast Wheel.

City Hall.

City Centre.

Victoria Square shopping centre.

The last bus ride in Ireland. Portrush to Dublin, the longest drive of our Ireland tour.

See the VIDEO below: "The Last Irish Bus Ride"

June 19, 2009: Monasterboice

A monastery was established her in the 6th Century. The oldest
10th Century monuments here are the three high crosses & the tower.



June 19, 2009: Ireland in 14 wonderful days!

Our last bus ride brought as back to the Harding Hotel in Dublin. After moving our luggage & settling into our rooms, we gathered in the lobby & went to have our last group meal. 14 days previous, we had a similar group meal. Our first. At that time we were strangers. At this last meal, I was aware that we were no longer strangers. It's been a wonderful journey with wonderful touring companions. Like everyone else here, I had to leave for home. I'll miss you all.



A replica of a "Coffin Ship", Liffey River, Dublin.

After our group meal I walked down the Liffey River with Chris to look at the tall ships that we spotted from the bus ride into Dublin. The next day, four of us (myself, Pat, Becky & Chris) shared a cab to the Dublin airport. I flew home with no problems.

This time, I didn't lose my camera!

Dublin. New building on the river front.